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XDJ XZ -> MIDI behaviour of the encoder section

At the moment, the encoder section (browse, back, load ect.) only sending MIDI data after the "browse" or  "back" button is pressed.

This would be the normale operation if you use the xz as a standalone unit, you have to press one of these button to see the tracklist instead of the waveform.

In my case i play in recordbox in performance mode. The track view on the unit itself is just terrible in this mode and has not the same strukture as on a usb drive. You have to open every playlist to see the items it contains. Realy a pain in the neck...

I have to lock at the laptop screen for a decent structure of my tracks and here comes the problem (not really, but its anoying me...) If i forgot to hit the back button first, nothing happens, i only change the waveform zoom on the unit.

The trackview in performance mode is just, sorry, crap. Without the Laptop it is worthless, you can't search, you can't see the keys and so on.

If its possible, make a entry in the utility menue "Always send encoder MIDI data"

Or provide the same structure as on the USB Stick....


Stay healthy!

Stefan Linke