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Bring back USB-A connection in iOS app

The old app had a very handy, stable and neat way of connecting an iPhone to a CDJ/XDJ. One lightining cable (USB-A) that could be connected to the top of a unit.

The new app v3 has gone for a USB-B or Ethernet approach. This requies a combination of both a cable and a dongle(s). The Ethernet solution requiring a rather ridiculous two dongles. USB-B requires access to the back of a unit to access the USB-B port which may be difficult in a dark club and sometimes impossible. The club might not have a spare Ethernet port if they are just using a single Ethernet cable between the CDJ's and an old or non-Pioneer mixer.

Please bring back USB-A connection on iOS.




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There's a reason for this... Even when using USB, all data is all going through the ethernet chip in the iPhone. The old version connected via USB-A but didn’t allow for navigation on the device, and would only connect to CDJ’s via WiFi. The experience of v3 of the app is night and day better when using the USB-B or ethernet connection to the players.

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