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More DMX direct controls & Add on DMX controller

Hey there,

first of all thank you for upgrading the lighting mode as an easter egg in rb 6.0 :)!
I like the new DMX direct controls, but only three of them are quite few.
(Smoke, Gobo, Goborotation, Worklight, Prisma, Laser, UV, Amber, -> to much features to handle with only three direct controls)

Could you please add some more?
Maybe separated in groups of four or eight like in the sampler banks?
It would be also great to control the intensity of each direct control via poty.

Furthermore a DMX controller designed like the ddj-xp2 would be perfect.
Maybe with following features:
- potys for intensity, smoke output, strobe speed, color fading, speed control, gobo selection & gobo speed, zoom, iris

- buttons for colors, moods and banks, ambients, blackout

- integrated dmx interface (maybe with two DMX universes)

- Network Port to link Lighting to Pro Dj Link (e.g. Nexus Devices)

Thank you and Best wishes