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DMX IN Rekordbox 6.0.1 BETA bugs and ideas


Some ideas to fix/improve DMX features in BETA 6.0.1 :

-Fix the interlude auto set when music stop more quickly

(When the music stop, take 6 seconds to switch to interlude, it's late....)

-Give more DMXDirectControl button :

More visible 9 DirectDMXbutton  in the Panel, for Design (not only3) but :

32 DirectMode assignables to midi controller (like the 32 Static attributes midi of SoundsWitch)

-> it will unlock all missing features…….

32 Directmodes would be a killer features.... much nicer than Static Midi loop in SOundswitch.

3 "Directmode" are not enough ..... (even for Gobos)

-Assign SetWheelPosition at INDEX 2 Function to already existing GOBOS in SQL DATABASE

If i look to the lighting Database, Color are assigned with this : exemple RED

SetWheelPosition INDEX 1 Start_position : 2.0 END_Position 2.0

For gobos in DATABASE it’s SetWheelPosition function but at INDEX 2 not 1,

Gobo 1 : start_position 1.0 End_position 1.0……Gobo 2 : 2.0 2.0 (INDER 2)

It should be easy to command the DMX SQL database for GOBO with SetWheelPosition function and search the INDEX 2 : assign a midi knob like light intensity 0 to 255 to change quickly GOBOS ….

Easy to add ?

Don’t understand why is't so difficult since several months to add GOBOS for moving head, because they are already documented in DATABASE with same function as Colour SetWheelPosition but at the INDEX 2 not 1….

->Add a PRISM Button in Panel

->Add a rotation Gobos KNOB midi in Panel...

And a "reset"  button (In the Panel and midi command) to set OFF all the MIDI/Button Panel (Strobe,colour, Strobe, mode,.......) that allow to desactivate more quickly in "live" the settings that sometimes user don't remember and are still on


Olivier F.

P.S : Fix the Ableton link bug, still doesn't work on OSX or WIN Rekordbox to Other Software : bug don't send tempo change and start stop even with option on. 

Olivier Frappier



Moved to Feature Requests as this is not feedback re: 6.0.1

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