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Video and Lyrics in pad editor

There is no video or lyrics available in pad mode. 
Seeing as video and lyrics are a major part of RB6 it's a shame this isn't . 






sorry I was a little brief ....  

what I meant was the when using pad editor there is no options for video or lyrics in pad editor. 
( see attached pad editor screen shot ) 

However - if I go to the midi section - there is options for video but none fo lyrics. 
( see attached midi settings screen shot ) 

It would be nice to have the options from the midi panel for video available in the pad editor. 

As for lyrics - a keyboard command or midi command to be able to turn off or on lyrics

- or even better an option that remembers if lyrics are on / off on an individual track as some tracks the lyrics are perfect but some ( 90's hip hop eg: Chubb rock - treat em right )  don't really look good and would be nice to be able to have have the option to disable individual tracks. (I've attached a screen shot for the lyrics function I'm talking about ) 

AND - when using an Xp1 ( or ddj 1000) the pads in pad editor are 'locked' to whatever is allowed in pad editor mode. 
As an example - I can't map video - "auto transition" to pad 16 even though the xp1 is set as general midi controller in utilities. 
perhaps in the pad editor we could have the option to select a pad and set it to 'USER' then in the midi settings we can map that 'user' pad to whatever available midi function we choose. 




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