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Obscure issue where imported rekordbox library has a different (but the same) file location as iTunes

I moved my iTunes library and rekordbox database from one computer to another, however because of the new iTunes version not being able to easily move the media folder out of the C drive (it kept defaulting, tech support told me it's part of a new version), I've had to use a junction so that my entire iTunes library which is stored on the E drive has a junction to C:/Users/Yoni/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/etc

iTunes think's the music library is located in the C drive but really it's just pointing to the E drive with a junction that it doesn't pick up on.

So the issue is that in the iTunes folder on rekordbox, all the song files are in the 'C' drive, but all the songs in my collection which have moved over from my previous drive are in the 'E' drive (even though it's exactly the same spot, but on the previous computer I didn't have to create a silent junction). Now when I try to import my iTunes playlists to update any new songs, it re-imports ALL of the thousands of playlist songs creating 99% duplicates.

Is there a way to fix this? I assume logically the easiest option would be to just change the drive path for all the songs in my collection from E to C (still pointing to the same files but going through the junction) so that way it 'looks' exactly the same to rekordbox and doesn't try to re-import everything.

Bit of a silly and annoying issue but hopefully there's a solution.

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