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Ableton Link - both decks starting and stopping

All the latest updates and firmware New cables and fully loaded MBP 16” When I activate Ableton Link and then activate Link on decks 1 and 2 I am experiencing unexpected behavior - Deck 2 starts and stops both decks. Deck 1 starts both decks but will only stop itself. I have tried restarting my laptop, search the net for solutions and reading manual but I cannot figure out how to avoid this behavior. Unfortunately I can’t use Ableton Link while this is happening. Additionally, are there any best practices for Ableton Link with Maschine? I noticed most of the time Maschine is off by one beat. The only work around I noticed is starting Link on Maschine first, then pushing play on Maschine then activating Link on Rekordbox DJ. And NEVER turning Maschine off and on again cause it will go off beat usually. for what it’s worth, I noticed a similar behavior in Traktor with Maschine sometimes being off by a beat as well.
Shane Fontane




Dear Sir,

Thanks for your comments. We've fixed this issue on the latest rekordbox ver 6.0.1.


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