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Cloud Sync Hangs on synced computer but only on FLAC files?



1. I have made 2 clean installs of RB 6 with a creative plan on two separate Mac book pro's, running Catalina.

2. I have merged both rekordbox libraries to sync in the cloud with dropbox one library as the main upload for files macbook pro 1 and a library on the other macbook pro that does not contain any tracks as it is a clean install.

3. When loading the flac files in the synced library on the 2nd macbook pro rekordbox hangs, this is not the case with other file types like mp3 or wav or aiff!

4. When I add the same tracks to this rekordbox library(that hangs with the synced tracks) it creates a second container with the tracks on dropbox. and does not hang.

5. When I go back to the computer that I first synced to rekordbox with all tracks it hangs with the flac files that I uploaded from the synced macbook pro 2.


Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? Or am I doing something wrong?

Like to hear, any suggestion have been trying to resolve this for 4 days now.

Albert de Heer