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Rekordbox subscriptions + other subscriptions = $$

These are the costs im facing if i want to move to rekordbox and use it to its full potential:

rekordbox cloud sync £14.99

Dropbox 2tb                £7.99

Beatsource                 $19.99

Beatport link               $19.99


i already subscribe to

spotify                       £9.99

bpm supreme           $19.99

Ultimatley i dont think there is room in the market for another streaming service that is double the cost taking tidal vs beatsource link.

For double the cost of tidal what is beatsource offering because i dont see the benifit, am i missing something?

Do you think costs and choices are getting out of control? At these kinds of prices you might aswell buy and own the music out right.

When all is added together, does it make financial sense to be going in this direction when one could simply purchase music for less than the cost of all this new stuff added together?

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Two questions for you...

1) Do you need all those services?

If you're using Beatsource and Beatport, your music is all streaming. What is the need for rekordbox cloud? Do you need the ability to sync your library to other devices? If not, you can still sync to your mobile for free over wifi. And do you have to put your entire collection on Dropbox? 2TB is a large amount of storage, do you need to have ALL of your music online, or would using the free plan to put some of your music online suffice?

2) Do you get paid to DJ?

Current situation notwithstanding, do you ever get paid as a working DJ? If so, then all of these things you've just listed are tax writeoffs. They're legitimate business expenses you can deduct from your income.

Oh, and if you find you DO need the full Creative plan, if you lock-in at the current rates, it's £9.99/mo so long as you keep your subscription. That's another £5 in your pocket every month.

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