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RB6 cloudsync problem track duplication when existing collection already stored in dropbox


I have been battling for the last couple of weeks to resolve this issue I am having to get cloud sync to behave. My existing music collection is stored in my local Dropox folder on my computer and I have been using Dropbox to sync between my work and gig computer.

After activating cloud sync instead of recognizing that my local Dropbox files are already stored in in Dropbox cloud it adds a new duplicate track for every track in my library.

Please advise how I can fix this or point me to existing documentation as I have rtfm and my google foo seems to have failed

Thanks in advance!

Screen shots

Dropbox cloud version - location
Local version in my local Dropbox sync folder

Rene Hostettler




10 days and not even an acknowledgement from a pioneer forum support person? I have opened a ticket which seems impossible to find without getting stuck in a shared login lop between websites.

I would be nice if one of the staff forum members had answered this issue at least to confirm if this was a known bug or a user error.

Close to a month trying to get this to work which is the only reason I signed up for the full creative plan. If this doesn't get resolved soon Ill be cancelling my plan and going back to trying to roll my own mutlti machine syncying solution

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I have a couple of questions regarding the process...

It looks like you upgraded from 5 to 6, but it also looks like the date added is different for the two files, with the one recognized as in the cloud being April 19th. Did you possibly re-add those songs, creating a duplicate?

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