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2フォロワー フォローする

Interface 2/Error in Calibration

My control vinyl was working fine for months until now. The phono/line and USB are all connected or on the right setting, as usual. But I was finding errors in my calibration. Nothing was happening. I noticed my interface2 was listed under the audio preferences but I hit reset after hours of troubleshooting this and no answers on the forum and now there is no sign of any sort of Interface2 connection or drive whatsoever. I cant "import the drive" when I click on that button because it just sends me to the HD where i "install it again". I have MAC, updated rekordbox DVS license and using 10.15.4 MAC OS Catalina. Using my laptop, 2 turntables and the I2 is connected to a Roland analog mixer. As always. Nothing changed, no cables changed. Just did not work one day and hasnt worked since.

The I2 HD seems to have dissapeared... I have played with all options (usb/phono/line) have modified the security wall settings. Please help!

Hitchcock Brunette