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Years ago Pulse Made  a bloody great rexordbox settings / preferences tutorial, many years have passed and the forms have clogged up, i have dislexia and find it impossible to search the forums.

You tube is full of' tutorials that when i search ' rekordbox pioneer' i get inundated with non-official pioneer videos.

my dilema?  can we have a simple / straightforward tutorial, of the inside settings / preferences for Rekordbox PLEASEEEE -

 from cue points to beat grids / master / what are the best and most efficient settings inside this wonderful machine called rekordbox.


Pulse you have done some amazing tutorials, indepth ones too that have no doubt taken hours,

whats been left behind are the most basic one. The fundementals.


if someone has done a recent ish one please lt us know,

at the station djs beat grids are off, cue points/ master volumes /


we neeed a direct and straightforward manual from poineer informing us, the ' best default settings for rekordbox, of course different style djs might want different settings, but its a mindfield at the moment, and you tube has so many tutorials that are way off, and just mental.


Pioneer / Pulse anyone out there from Pioneer, please, before you do anymore indepth wonderful insightful tutorials, just pop one up that has all the fudementals ..


the machines are getting more sophisticated, we need direct from the horses mouth instructions....


if you have one out here my apologies :) just tell me where to find it.

kind thanksx

jeff jeff




Hey Jeff - thanks for the kind words.

I had always left the fundamentals to our official channels, and tackled the more complex stuff myself.

To be honest, I recognize the need for a bare-bones level approach, and it's something I could certainly do to ease my own workload as it would answer the questions I get every day (one of the reasons I started making those videos and guides in the first place!), but the last few weeks have been a massive wave of support inquiries and forum posts, so it's not been high on my priority list. I can certainly put something together if there is the demand for it.

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hey bro thanks and your welcome , your early Videos ( maybe 2012 ) were some of the most informative / precise DJ related vidoes out there....  / sadly in the past few years the hole has been filled by lots of well meaning people ( but also lots of innacuracies ) and missinformation ,i think your spot on in relation to the fundementals, as over the past couple of years the same old chestnut type questions appear, and then guys go to youtube to get them ' answered' only to get more frustrated with rekordbox, then come back to rekordbox -

its like the analogy of a BMW - amazing engineering, used badly or with little wisdom, or accurate advise, the driving experience will not be the optimum -

i bought a used car, and didnt realise it was so advanced that the driving 'mode' was ' set' to the previous driver, it ( software ) of the car ' learnt' to adapt to his driving conditions and patterns,.... the steering, braking and everything was about ' him' and his driving technique, when i re set the settings, and read the manual, i made sure it was set at the default. the driving was fantastic. haha.... rekordbox is amazing, i have used traktor for my own techno related purposes, but came back to Pioneer - however i know that unless i get the optimum / recommened ' driving ' settings, i cant comfortably use it, and have the best experience that the techs / engineers wanted me to experience/......

i will go far and say that thousands of Djs are probably not having the 'best' Pioneer / Rekordbox experience they could be having, noones ' fault' per se...i see so many younger DJs getting innacurate data on rekordbox / pioneer from youtubers, who have made wonderful colourful youtube videos, with amazing graphics, lots of followers, yet lack so much fundementals / basics/ also wisdom. and direct linage from the engineers.


Pulse man, you have totally lead the way over the years,, and thanks for making us all better DJS.



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