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UI scaling

You just released v6 with no UI scaling. or am I missing something?

How far out are we to seeing this feature?
I've seen posts from 5 years ago asking for this.

It's the era of high DPI screens (ie; laptops with 4k 15" screens), they are common. Users should not have to adjust display resolution to a non native resolution to be able to see UI elements.

I should show you a screen cap rn. these bpm readouts are hilariously small.

I'm not asking for much, A scaling percentage (v custom, but could break layout) or, a resolution drop down (less custom, less prone to user breaking), just to give a couple ideas.

Don't give me the "we have to fit everything on the screen" line. You can set min-max values. This absolutely can be done in a way that gets consistent and clear results for end users.