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Rekordbox 6.0 Phrase in Export Mode

Hello.  My Rekordbox 6 manual seems to indicate phrase can be displayed in export mode, but when I click settings, I do not see an option to display  it. When I enter performance mode, I do  see the option to enable phrase. 

Is there a  special setting to enable phrase in export mode?  

NOTE: I  saw an old post from 2017  indicating this is not supported, but again, my  6.0 manual clearly  shows phrases in the export player. 

Joshua Kilpatrick



Hey Joshua,

You're correct -- it does show it in the manual, but I can assure you, it's not in the software. What's interesting is that image is clearly taken from an older version of rekordbox, as that display bar has been updated in rekordbox 6, so I'm thinking it's a mistake that it's been included. I'll let our team know.

There's currently no functions in export mode that use the phrase, so it would be purely cosmetic or for your reference at this point.

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