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Literally worst support I have ever gotten- or not gotten

Despite my reluctance to go to RB6 and give up with hundreds and hundreds of dollars invested in dvs license, 2 rb license, video license- the temptation of mixed playlist was to good along with other features. I had swayed many people to rekordbox some of which reverted once they found out you could not have mp3 playlist mixed with mp4. Kind of wack to have to pay for a feature that should of been there -esp since I paid for and owned a video license!! Anyway I took the plunge to pay monthly and even add a second monthly bill of drop box. I found out right away pioneer does not care about the people- first off bc they would not of released a software that runs like absolute garbage. I have a brand new MacBook 16 32 gigs ram and my desktop is spec’d out as being the top 99th percentile of all tested in performance- well neither cpu runs this trash app RB6. Breathe.....crazy thing is I haven’t gotten to worst part yet. I can only assume the poor performance is library sync- which seems to still be running to an extent even when paused-(this needs fixed) Most people are not cpu techs and have 5000$ laptops- and this software will not allow them to play. Well as I stated I also got drop box for a promo to try it out which has expired (the entire 30 day trial) with no response from pioneer on the 2 tickets I raised!!!! Do you not have and SLA? Blatant disregard and care for the users to charge more money for a product not fit to be and official release and then fail to support it. My case was concerning drop box and the fact that in order to sync your library in the cloud, you effectively need to have double the space of your music collection available on your computer since Dropbox wants to copy it. (Not to mention new analyzation has broke many of my tracks bpm and wave form.)
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@Nick > You have 3 tickets in our system; two of them were merged, with the most recent one escalated to our head of rekordbox support (with internal conversation, which is why there has been no response). They have been busy trying to assist many customers since the launch of rekordbox 6, but they will certainly get to your ticket soon and assist you in resolving your issues.

Thank you for your patience.

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