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DJM-S9 and Rekordbox 6.0



 How do I set up Rekordbox so that all default functionality of the s9 works? The roll pads seem to activate the effects instead of rolling and the fx pads are not working and the wet dry for those effects does not work. How do I make this thing work as if out of the box. Serato and all functionality work fine with the mixer. I would like to get rekordbox to work the exact same way. Also, is there a way to randomize the video transitions effects so that each time I move the fader a new transition effect is applied. I am basically trying to get all the features I know and love in serato inside of rekordbox.





For those of you who run in to this problem, the solution is as follows for the Roll Pads;

Mode: Performance

View: 2Deck Horizontal

Click the 4 squares located underneath the waveforms (Far left for left deck and far right for right deck)

Click the drop down underneath the letter E (On left deck) and letter H (On right deck)

Select "PAD FX"

Click the gear icon

Set all Pads to "Roll" Starting with the first pad on 1/16 and then 1/8 for the next pad and so on. Work your way up in order from pad to pad until all are adjusted.

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