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rb-dmx1 in 2020 abandoned by PioneerDJ?


I just bought the rb dmx1 to go alongside my XDJ-XZ. I had no great expectations. 

I jsut wanted a simple solution to get some audio-related light effects. But this is more complicated than I thought.

2 years ago you said on this forum there will be fixes for the left deck only problem.

I bought an overly expensive controller and some premium priced DMX-controller by PioneerDJ to just work together. But then it should at least work. If you make transitions on your Mixer/Controller, how should you manually switch the light channels? Is it so hard to make an update where the lighting auto deck selection depends on the channel faders? CH1 > CH2 = Light 1 | CH1 < CH2 = Light 2 | CH1^=CH2= MASTERDECK or New Track, should be an option to klick at the settings.


So, did you abandon this product? Did I just pay 400€for a legacy product that will never be fixed?

(PS: Why isn't it possible to bake lighting phrases onto the usb and use your PRODJLINK to connect to the DMX1? I know, this is too much to ask, since it took 2 years to not fix the most obvious problem for all users)

Sorry if I sound a little bit bitter, but I just want to love it and I want it to be a good product!

sincerly, Chris

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The reason for the lighting not following the deck is the XZ uses external mixer mode, and I'm sure you've come across the forum post where this was discussed, along with potential work-around options until our rekordbox team implements a MIDI control for it. (Currently the solution is a keyboard shortcut, and then use an app to turn MIDI commands into keyboard inputs.)

And yes, there have been other DMX updates - in fact, rekordbox 6 includes several:

- 3 manual DMX panels
- custom interlude scenes
- pan/tilt restrictions

It's not discontinued, there's lots more to come!

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Thanks for responding!

I couldn't make it work with the midi- lighting-add-learn workaround. Only found the solution for Mac, I run a 2019 HP spectre gem cut.


So, let's be honest here. I'm heavily invested in pioneer gear. I love your stuff. Currently I play around with the xz and the hdj-x10 headphones, I really like your stuff.


But...the dmx1...you said it's not "discontinued" ...I dont know what I should do with this information.i can return the dmx1 for 7 more days...


Let's say Deck A cues Swedish House Mafia- it gets better and Deck B cues axwell ingrosso - something new...

What do you think honestly? Im going to trust you with this. Where should I set my crossfader?


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No, it's not discontinued.

I've had some issues with my Windows install recently so I can't get you the instructions for that, but as I noted, it's on the request list for our rekordbox team to implement for external mixers.

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External mixer support is already available when used in performance mode, even in 5.8.5.

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in midi option - lighting tab is´t maping crossfader (open - close) high-down position a chanel fader... just tab crosfader and activate deck ( i need activate chanel only when fader is top position to change chanel.. how to fix it?

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