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My Master Output + Booth Output is in Mono

Hi there, Using a DDJ-800 with "DDJ-800 ASIO" drivers. Connected via XLR Output 1 to KRK Monitors. Using default routing in RB5.6, 6.0, and 6.01beta.

I have a weird issue, one that I may not have noticed before. It may be a simple fix so any help is appreciated. This is affecting how everything sounds to me.

My Master and Booth Outputs are both mono signal. I hear no differentiation between L and R with my monitors. My headphone out is full stereo which is desired.

In ableton I did some hard left and right panning on an audio file to test this out. Confirming this, my master meter does not indicate any L or R. BUT my recording meter does indicate this. (and even records in stereo!)

For testing, I have swapped outputs. My Headphone Output to use the main XLR jacks and it is proper stereo. Master output to Headphone Jack becomes mono.

This problem also exists with my Booth Output. There is no stereo signal. Same tests apply. Using TRS to TRS cables.


I took this same hard panned audio file to Traktor Pro 2, and Virtual Box. No issues whatsoever. Must be a Rekordbox issue or setting?

Using Windows PC Audio has the same issues. Even DDJ+PC Audio.


Thank You






Wow I believe I solved the issue! Turns out the DDJ-800 has these default settings I didnt look for. I was only looking under the audio settings.


Hope this can help some people out! Good for clubs, bad for my bedroom hehe.

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