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Feature request: Auto-Transition using physical Cross Fader

When VJ:ing, I find it very hard to do a visually smooth transition with the cross fader. Every little jerk in hand movement is clearly visible in the picture - especially when using effects like "door" or "cube". Using the two auto transition buttons in Rekordbox does the job great, but it's not very user friendly at all, and it also has the big caveat of leaving the physical cross fader in a position that is opposite to reality, which opens up a big risk for mistakes.

FEATURE REQUEST: Add a setting in the preferences that lets the VJ simply slam the cross fader from one end to the other, and the transition would still take place in a slow smooth fashion just like if one of the two transition buttons had been pressed. 

I envision two different ways of adding this in the preferences:

SIMPLE: A checkbox tentatively called "smoothen cross fader movement". When unchecked things work like now. When checked, the response is slow like with the transition buttons.

ADVANCED: A setting in milliseconds tentatively called "limit cross fader response speed". 0 would give the current behavior. 1000 means that if I slam the slider from one end to the other, Recordbox would take 1second to transition it fully. If I move the sider to the center, then Recordbox would take 500ms to complete the transition.

Adding this either the simple or advanced way would be extremely helpful to us VJs. Thank you!

DJ Straftanz