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CUE Point Trigger (like Serato Flip) // No new Features in Rekb.6?

Hi Pioneer, i read so many great ideas in this forum, to make rekordbox better then every other dj software - but after release version 6.0 i realy wondering that NOT ONLY ONE new PLAY function is added. 

So there is a sync for cloud (maybe a good idea, but djs have since years there own backup system, and if one time the sync fails to the wrong way, everything is lose) - but where are the function from the wish list? No new Performance Mode function, the since years missing function to save Sampler Sets like Traktor is still not there - but Cloud Sync? Also missing the great FLIP function like in Serato - but still nothing new in Rekordbox 6. No new Turntable functions - nothing. So Pioneer tell me - where are the function that a lot of djs post int "DJ Products Request Section" - becouse in this big jump from vers. 5 to 6, i wondering that not only one new Performance Mode function is added. 

Interest for the upcoming answer from pioneer.....

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FYI: We seldom respond to / comment on the posts in the Suggestions forum; our engineers do gather the information and we thank you for your feedback.

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