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'Back' button to quickly reload tracks previously loaded into deck

I feel having a 'back' button, similar to your web browser, which would instantly reload tracks that were previously loaded into a deck would be extremely useful given the time crunches DJs continually find themselves in.

Example: Channel A is playing a tune and you're trying to pick a track for channel B. You think you've found one that works but you want to quickly try a few others with the 45 seconds you have left. You load them in but they aren't as good a fit and now, with 10 seconds left before the mix in point, you want to go back and use the best one from before but you're scrolling and scrolling through your playlist trying to find that same tune again and - time's up! Missed your chance.

Being able to just hit a back arrow (<) to reload tracks previously loaded into a deck (ideally to the last loaded hot cue as well) would be an amazing tool and allow more freedom to explore potential tracks to mix in without the fear of not being able to get set back up in time.

Hope you will consider this feature!!

Taquito Jalapeno