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DJM-900NXS digital out delay?


i am not sure if this happens because of the DJM-900NXS or my amplifier so i am trying to ask, if someone has also the same problem reconized.

it is my home setup:

i have my DJM900NXS connected via MASTER OUT and DIGITAL OUT and for testing als to MASTER 2 OUT (Analog RCA)

The MASTER OUT is connected to my Pioneer SDJ-08 Speakers.

The DIGITAL OUT is connected to my Yamaha RX-A2080 amplifier.
Also the MASTER 2 OUT (Analog RCA) is connected to my Yamaha amplifier.

if i set the amplifer to "Pure Direct" Mode, no DSP or EQ or something else is activated, to sound will be proceeded directly to the speakers.

If i use the Analog RCA Input as source, i hear the music 100% sync with my MASTER OUT speakers. If i use the digital Input as source, i hear the music a bit delayed behind the MASTER OUT speakers. it is so much delay, that it is really good reconizeable.


so i am not sure, if this is the amplifier with digital coaxial in, which do the delay or the digital out of the DJM-900 is the reason for the delay.

i also tried to check settings of the DJM-900 but it is setup with 48kHz at digital out. thats it. no more settings are possible...

i also tried the REC Out and MASTER 2 OUT via RCA and booth are sync with the MASTER OUT via XLR... so the problem is definitely just with DIGITAL OUT and there i don't know if DJM900 or the amplifier doing the delay...

is there any way i can proof if MASTER OUT and DIGITAL OUT is sync?

does anyone other has this problem already?

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Without needing to dig in, it's definitely your amplifier. The mixer outputs the audio for the digital and analog are output at the same time. If anything, the analog out would be delayed since it has to go through the digital-to-analog converter.

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Hello Pulse,

yes you was right... it depends on the Yamaha RX-A2080.

i tried today with a external DAC and it worked perfectly.

so it looks like the Yamaha build-in DAC is laggy :/

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