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Toraiz Squid Velocity doesn't work

I have a synth hooked up to the Squid (Roland TB-3) and when attempting to adjust velocity of a pad (note), There's no reaction. I hold down the pad and adjust velocity via the velocity dial. In the display I can see velocity changing as I turn the dial. However, the output (volume) of that note remains the same - except when I set the velocity to '0' at which point the pad gets muted. Any other setting from 1-127 and the volume/output stays constant.

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This was answered via the internal ticket-based support system.

But for those reading, this is simply because of how the TB-3 operates...specifically.


The Roland TB-03 does not map incoming MIDI note velocity to output volume of the note - as the original TB-303 did not play notes of various volumes.

The TB-03 responds only in the following way:

If incoming MIDI note velocity is 0, note volume will be 0

If incoming MIDI note velocity is 1-99, note volume will be normal

If incoming MIDI note velocity is 100-127, "accented" not will play with special volume and filter characteristics, with depth of effect by the level set by the "Accent" knob.




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