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Rekordbox 6

Hi, trialling Rekordbox 6, and have uploaded everything in my library to the cloud/dropbox by copying tracks from 1 computer. In dropbox, I can see all tracks are kin Rekordbox folder, syncing is complete. I'm trying to link 2 computers to the cloud to sync my libraries, so I have access to all tracks on both computers via the cloud. On 1 computer all tracks are there (locally stored and on the cloud). On the other computer, after cloud syncing completed for entire library, there are still dozens of tracks that are greyed out, and the cloud icon says "This track is stored on another computer or mobile device". Yes this track is locally stored on another computer but also stored/uploaded on the cloud. Why is this happening? 

What I would like ideally:

- all tracks are locally stored on 1 computer

- and all tracks are accessible via the cloud on 2 computers, and iphone

Thanks, appreciate any direction here. 

sukru kesebi