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RB6 - Wrong Cue Points and History Saves Only A Few Tracks


Since I upgraded to Rekordbox 6, cue points have been messed up (no that much of a big deal, but it took a lot of work to correct everything). What really bothers me is that histories are no longer saved correctly on the flash drive. When using version 5, I had the complete list of songs I played during a set, whereas now I only have only the first 6 or 8 songs.

I use an XDJ-RX2 updated to the latest firmware, and I can see them correctly in my controller during or after playing a set, but after syncing the flash drive in Rekordbox, I lose much of the tracklist. I hope the solution does not require reverting to the previous version of the software as I updated my entire library just to use the latest version.

I hope you can help me.
Best regards.

Alonso Montero