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CDJ-3000 fw 1.11 is still having issues

Hey all!

I have updated my players to the most recent release 1.11 and I noticed the following:

1) The beat sync behaves kinda better than on 1.10

2) The players still don't hold the speed very well - to be more specific: I am playing the same tracks I am used to play on any other cdj players and I never had issues with. On 3000's I need to touch the jog all the time to fix the tracks as they are getting out of the phase. If I take out my old xdj-1000 set, I don't have to touch the same tracks from the same usb drive once they match... This is a huge issue I have since the day 1 with my 3000's - these players simply don't hold the tempo as good as any other cdj's

3) The small / phase waveform on the top (or how do you call it) glitches sometimes and shutters.

4) When using the beat sync, the synced player sometimes shows the message saying something like "to change the tempo, you need to move the pitch slider to the position that matches the current bpm" (I am not sure about the exact wording now, but its the message you get if you move the pitch slider while the sync is on). This happens even if I am not touching the tempo slider so the player obviously tries to manipulate the tempo but hits some bug..

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Hey Marek, I'll ask you to please file an inquiry ticket here so our support team can gather some additional feedback.

Not all things you've noted here were addressed in this update, but as you can see by the existence of this update, they're working on it!


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