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CDJ3000 issues remain after 1.11

After downloading and installing 1.11 firmware on my CDJ3K’s it seems that reliability issues are as bad as ever. It’s insane that I still don’t feel I can reliably use these players in a professional environment when they are the flagship player and have been out for as long as they have. So disappointing… I’ve seen various explanations and statements floating around the forums in recent months relating to sync issues. 1 month ago Pulse said “As we've described, the sync works properly, it's just a visual alignment problem.” This kind of statement really has me worried. At least with my own CDJ3K’s, issues with sync are definitely not just visual. In many instances, pressing sync will move two tracks which are perfectly gridded and playing audibly in sync, out of sync. Have Pioneer engineers really not yet been able to identify/replicate the issues that many users are apparently experiencing? Is there really no prospect of these issues being fixed soon? In my case I don’t really care about waveform displays of linked decks being displayed perfectly. I’m fine with the waveform displays acting simply as a nice visual representation of the song position and using my ears to beatmatch perfectly, although really at this price the waveform displays should have been perfect at launch. But the issues many of us are experiencing aren’t just visual issues and aren’t limited to ethernet/link connections. I’ve had issues where a song that is perfectly analysed and gridded in RB, when loaded into a player is playing off sync from the play head by maybe a quarter second. I can test this when launching from a cuepoint that is perfectly placed just before a beat, the sound is sometimes playing from slightly into the beat, cutting off the very start. This has nothing to do with link or syncing with another player, this is the player itself playing sound from a different part of the song (albeit only a few ms difference) to where the playhead is at. It’s also intermittent, as in the same song, same connection etc will sometimes have issues and sometimes not. This is such basic stuff… Is there any real prospect of these issues being fixed any time soon? It would be good if there was an official ‘known issues’ list updated regularly so at least we could feel confident that issues are being looked at. I’m not aware that such a list exists?
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