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See color tags while browsing

When I'm browsing for tracks on CDJ, I like to see the color tag I've assigned to each one of them. To do this I have to either sort by color (which ruins my default or preferred sort option) or browse with the info window on (which for some tracks shows the rating in color, but for others it just shows a black rating, even if I've set color to them. Can't really figure out why).

I'm wondering if there's a way of just having the name of the track highlighted in the color of its COLOR tag (or with a colored background). Or maybe just a colored dot by its side. 

Or is there a way of choosing what is displayed in the INFO window? Maybe thet way I can set to see the color tag in there. 

I've tried messing with the preference in rekordbox: "DJ System/Column/Select item which is shown next to track name on CDJ" and choose COLOR, but i'm not really sure what this ends up doing on the CDJ display. Can't really see any COLOR thing displayed next to the track. What does this function do, exactly?

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In rekordbox, you can show the column:

So that's easy browsing there. On the USB drive, you can choose to have the color tag as your second column:

Then when you browse by TRACK on the CDJ, it will show the colour beside the track name:

But if you don't want to do that, you can open the INFO panel and see the star ratings are actually the same colour as you have for the track (others are white):

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