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CDJ3000 Not Playing USB Files Continuously

CDJ3000 Not Playing USB Files Continuously
I use a CDJ media player not just for DJing but also for entertainment by playing folders of files from "Mix CDs", where it is necessary to have no gaps between tracks. I have been using my CDJ2000NSX2 in this way of automatically playing the next song / track / file and very much enjoyed music this way at home and for parties.
This does not work on my new CDJ3000. When I play a folder of files with Autocue off and "Continuous" on - there is a gap between each file - guessing half a second. This ruins the experience of listening to the files from a "mix CD" that have been copied to a memory stick.
There is no silence at the start or end of each track
I could merge audio files into one long file that would play continuously without gaps - but that is a lot of work, and it worked fine on the CDJ2000 when using a memory stick, therefore I want this capability on the CDJ3000 as well.
Please advise - might be a setting or a future firmware update (I have the latest update)
Otherwise I love the CDJ3000 upgrade - thanks.
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That's probably due to the buffering taking place (and there's a lot more buffering on a CDJ-3000 than there was on a 2000 model). Unfortunately I don't see that as being something they'd prioritize as a fix since there are other issues users are asking about which affect performance.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Pioneer have responded saying that - basically - it is a file player and not a CD player, so gaps can be expected.  I don't feel this is reasonable as users of CDJ3000s will also wish to play performances as well as perform themselves.  For example, after playing at a party I typically wish to play a Sasha or similar chillout compilation of files I have downloaded which make up a performance.  (These files could be burned to a CD or copied to a memory stick or phone or MP3 player).

So - on these other cheap devices like a phone or MP3 player the files play continuously without gaps.  On my £2,000 Pioneeer media player set to "Continuous" the files play with gaps.  I don't feel this is acceptable.  It worked fine playing from USB on my CDJ2000NSX2.  So this is all a step backwards for me.

If others feel this is an issue we should escalate within Pioneer.  It's just a software update away.

Extract from Pioneer message:

"The CDJ-3000, as no disc can be played on the player, it became a genuine file player. 

We received requests from many customers who want to scratch at the beginning of each track without hearing the audio of the previous track. This is why the short gap exists in between two tracks. 

With this specification, you may hear small gaps in between tracks even though you use the continuous play mode. 

If you would like to play multiple tracks continuously, the only way is compiling a file to be played without any gap specifically for the purpose of continuous play. 

We understand it is time-consuming to create such files. Sorry for this. 

We are very sorry for not meeting your expectation and thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation."




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Sorry if it doesn't meet your needs for continuous playback, again, I don't expect that this behaviour will be changed.

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