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Problem with HDD with CDJ 850

Hello. Im searching for a long time about the solution, but can't find one. Saw familiar posts about it but nothing is working for me. 

I just bought the same HDD like one guy with familiar thread (Seagate Backup Plus Slim 3.0 2.5") but still having the same issues with CDJ850. When I just copy/paste music from explorer to HDD, my CDJs show me that after the second folder - all the rest are empty. When I export playlists from recordbox (6.5.2) my CDJs diplaying error E-83 06. HDD is formatted in FAT32 and its MBR. Anyone with other suggestions? The firmware is updated till last possible update (1.13)

Momchil Tsonev



Sorry, the CDJ-850 is an older player and thus more likely to have issues with USB3.x devices. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee functionality of all USB drives with our CDJs / XDJs due to compatibility issues between the USB host chipsets and the USB memory manager chipsets.

Please try using a different make / model drive.

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