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Pioneer 2000 NXS2

Please help! I am going to post a video to this post if anyone can please help me get out of this mode. I don't know how I got into here but I seem to be locked and don't know how to get out of it. I am used to my Technics 1200 mk2 and just recently transitioned into the CDJ world with these 2000nxs2, I keep it in vinyl mode for obvious reasons it is my preferred way of mixing and I have it connected to serato sl2 about to make an uprade shortly with my mixer that already has the software built into it. I seem to get some response from my platter but it automatically cues up to a certain mark on my track and will not allow me to stop or even remove this mark. Any step by step assistance would be greatly appreciated! I have reverted back to my Technics for the time being for my gigs but I do miss the cdjs. If you need further information please do not hesitate to comment and I will try to be as descriptive as possible, thank you! 


Here is the video link:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/oGepunjthKkWdrc89 

Justin Rivera




Is that a timecode CD then? Have you tried a different one? When I put a TC CD into mine - it starts building the waveform and certainly does NOT behave like that!! I can't even think of any settings which could do that (unless perhaps you have an SD card to save cue points?)


I'm wondering if you should grab a USB cable and put the CDJ into HID mode with Serato (if that's what you're using...)

Takes one demon out of the mix..

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