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CDJ 2000 NXS2 discontinued?


I was just about to replace my CDJ1000's (very old) with the 2000 nxs2 units, researching prices for about a month, was about to buy and now many sites not even listing them any more. With DJKit.co.uk saying they are discontinued. Those sites that are listing them no longer have the prices they had a week ago with all prices bumping up across the range even on XDJ 1000 units also.

Have they been discontinued? If I do manage to find a pair for a reasonable price (new) how long will I be able to get parts for them... not that I have had any issues with my CDJ1000's still going strong 14+yrs old but its a risk I need to take in to account. 

Anyone know why the price has bumped up across the pioneer range in the UK? lockdown ending perhaps?




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Since the launch of the CDJ-3000 they're no longer being produced, but parts are required to be available for a minimum of 4 or 5 years (forget which) after that time... so you've got a while still, and given the number of CDJ-2000NXS2's on the market, you're likely to find used units as donor machines for ages as well.

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The prices of all electronics are going up. I've had a few shoppes tell me the nxs2's are discontinued here, but no confirmation from Pioneer on that. Pioneer still has parts available for older products a Ross the board, so I wouldn't worry about finding replacement parts being an issue.

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