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Rekordbox native for M1


Rekordbox runs fine on M1 but still works with rosetta. Is it Pioneer working or would it be possible to see a native m1 version for rekordbox this year? With Monterrey maybe?


Alberto G 回答済み



The existing Rosetta translation version runs just fine for now; we don't have a timeline for release of a native Mac silicon version.

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Pioneer DJ usually doesn't mentioned when something might release. The old saying "it will be done when it's done". 

I can only assume for the company it means a lot of testing due to all the hardware they have. Making sure it gives the same experience across all products that use it. And not just the most recent ones. 

Ves 0 票
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I strongly disagree that it 'runs just fine'.  I have numerous errors since moving from a 2019 MBA to a 2021 MBP with M1. 

I get freezes with my XDJ-XZ if using 1.22.

I lose connections to the MBP library display on the XZ, especially if recording on the MBP.

I have lost the vocal detection function (in Creator) when analysing tracks.

I have raised all of these issues with your support team but the only partial solution has been to downgrade my XZ to 1.12.  That's hardly a 'fine' solution and is still prone to disconnects.

The M1 chip is the future of Apple.  The battery life and processor speed are a quantum leap over the old Intel units.  You are selling software that cannot reliably or fully run on Apple's latest hardware.  The least we should be told is that you are working on this and a new product will be released in X months to maximise the new technology.  A substantial amount of your customers will be using Apple MacBooks and many will be upgrading to the new M1 versions, unaware of the problems they will face.  This situation is anything but fine.

Cronelli 1 票
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Sorry to hear that man, I hope it will be solved soon with some update.

It works well for me at the moment, except for the issue of exporting to usb that I hope they will fix soon.

But you are absolutely right Cronelli, apple silicon is the very near future and it has incredible power. Pioneer should be working or have already released a native version that will take advantage of all that power and make their product even much more better, but according to Pulse, Pioneer is worth it with "works just fine". Conformism and mediocrity as a lifestyle, it is quite disappointing.

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