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Show Phrase information from rekordbox in CDJ3ks

If the cdj3k's were able to display the phrase information that rekordbox allows, this would change the game in DJing with the CD3k's 

Right now, I use a systematic combo of memories and hotcues to show phrasing in the song; and if I could just set the phrasing in rekordbox and have the device show me which portion of the song I'm in; it'd free up all those cues and memories I use to denote phrasing.

It'd also set a very desirable precedent. Cues and Memories are no longer anatomical pointers; but simply cues and memories.

No longer would I have useless cues set that are never meant to be recalled; but simply displayed to denote the various parts of the song.

All this would be replaced (and improved upon) by displaying the phrase info.

It'd also be nice if you could choose if the countdown beat timer would count down to the next phrase; or the next memory.

This metadata already exists in RB6, you just need to make it available to the CDJ's and have them show it.

Adam Normal