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Rekordbox 6, performance options: layout - always show type of phrases issue


I have been wondering for a while if this was a bug or an intended format but when using 4 decks horizontal layout in performance mode the phrase information is so large that it hides over 50% of the waveform itself. 

Consequently 4 decks layout cannot be used effectively with 3 bandEQ waveform view along side the phrase type information on screen; you basically don't see anything anymore.

Is this a bug? 



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@Francis > Either set it so "Always show types of phrases" is unchecked, or uncheck the Enlarged Waveform option.

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Ooops I responded on the email rather than here!
Hi Pulse,

Thanks for the reply but this is not what I meant. I think a screenshot will be self explanatory.
1 vs 2 : by removing "always show type of phrases", it implicitly gives you more than a phrase "type" but also a length. I mix mostly electronic music and Bars of 4, 8 etc are almost always perfectly well detected (kudos to the dev team, it's been near flawless for a few patchs now). When the phrase types are different, I could use it "without" the type but when they are the same but just different slight variations, the same type / color is used by rekordbox but I would still want to retain the fact that it's a 8 bar switch. 

Now comes the point of my post on the forums, when you do the same thing in 4 stacked horizontally arranged view, this is now an issue because it completely hides the wave form.... There is barely 50% left; I've seen you reply many times on the forums that "customizable" UI wasn't in the works for various reasons but I always wondered if the dev team ever used the 4 stacked waveforms AND phrase type on the enlarged one.... if they did, i'm sure they'd notice that it basically renders the 3BandEQ unreadable. Sadly, because the combination of the two makes rekordbox, by far, the best software....! I was on serato/VDJ before, i'm never going back because rekordbox's ability to phrase detect makes mixing so much fluid.

Looking at them, perhaps it was intended, or perhaps an intended bug of not scaling the phrase type bar to the smaller waveform size in 4 deck stacked mode.

Cheers pulse, and thanks for looking into this.
Best regards, 
Screenshot 1 vs 2 (only 2 decks - looks great!)
Screenshot 3 vs 4 (loss of so much information on the waveforms)
I have a ddj-100, and I unfortunately always use 4 decks but only in 2 deck view mode because 4 deck mode is unusable in conjunction with 3bandEQ/phrase type shown on the large waveform. 
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