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Rekordbox 6.5.2 e Big Sur 11.5.1

Come altri utenti, dopo l'aggiornamento a Big Sur 11.5.1, non si riescono più ad esportare tutte le tracce presenti nelle playlist di Rekordbox ad una unità USB. Questo succede sia manualmente che con l'utilizzo del Sync Manager.  A quando la risoluzione di questo problema?

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Like many others i have the same problem.

My mac (Big Sur 11.5.1) and rekordbox 6.5.2 don't work together, and i get a warning that states "one or more files cannot be exported. Check the log file in "documents". In this document it only states title, artist, album and place for all of the songs that couldn't be exported

My USB 3.0 is in MS-DOT (FAT32) format and all my old songs have no trouble exporting. It is mostly new songs. I tried buy a song through itunes store for fun, and this song did get exported to the USB. It had a AAC format. So is there something with the software and the sound formats?

Regards Jonathan

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