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Rekordbox iOS and PRO DJ Link connection issues over cable


I'm using the latest Rekordbox iOS, version installed on iPhone 12 Max Pro and connecting with Pioneer XDJ-RX2.

I'm using the original USB cable and non-original USB to iPhone lightining port adapter (amazon cost £13 vs Apples over £30).

When connecting I turn on Air Mode, switch on WiFi on iPhone and usually the duo connects OK and I don't have problems, however during the last event it took me over 10 attempts before the message "Turn on Wifi to connect over Pro DJ Link" dissapeared and I've managed to connect. Also after several minutes/hours it broke the connection.

What could be the issue? I'm suspecting the that the the brand new cheap USB adapter is faulty.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues when connecting over PRO DJ Link?

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Methinks the problem is "non-original USB to iPhone lightining port adapter"

Sorry, we recommend using the original Apple product to avoid issues.

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