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What's the problem with AIFF files?

As Pioneer has given up on my issue i thought i'd repost in an attempt to resolve it with the community as its causing me alot of grief.

my original post:

So i have 6000 odd library that was converted from WAV to AIFF yesterday. I did this because my XDJ-RX2 favours this format according to the documentation and i wanted to have meta-data saved into the track file itself.

Problem is that SOME files carry over their tags when viewed in Rekordbox and others dont. I've opened in a number of editors to see what teh difference is between them and i cannot see any.

I have been told Rekordbox favours ID3v2.4 but can anyone confirm v2.3 tags will definitely not show in RB? Besides how are PC users supposed to work with v2.4 when its not supported by Windows?

Below are various screenshots of 2 track files:

3Deep - StoneFaced tags work/ show up in RB.

Mindwave - Oblivion tags do not. Please explain what the issue is

link to my original pos thttps://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4403325101465-Can-you-see-a-difference-between-these-2-AIFF-files- 

does anyone else have this problem? AIFF metadata not showing up in RB?

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Closing and diverting to original post.

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