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Incomplete history on rekordbox

I just played a gig on CDJ2000's using the recommend Sandisk Extreme Pro...

Came back home to check my history and it only saved the first 12 tracks on the history... This is not the first time it happened to me..


Basically i ended up with an incomplete history..


What am i doing wrong? How can i reliably get the full history saved on the USB stick?

henrique Matias




Hey Henrique,

Did you allow the songs to play for at least 1 minute each?

Were you playing from more than one USB drive?

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Yes i did and i even have the complete audio of the set recorded using my zoom recorder and every track was longer than 1 minute and every track was played nearly from start to end.

But when looking at the history it only contains the first 12 tracks.

Very very weird :(

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