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Site login issues

Is this site ever going to fix their login issues?? it just took me 20 minutes to login to post an issue, I tried clearing everything in my browser, tried a new browser, incognito mode and even my wifes laptop that has never touched this forum and still go into a loop.

Now im finally in even though it still shows that I have to login, So according to you page i am NOT logged in yet I can still post this so I can post but I cant click on "My activities" to see previous reports and inquiries, then if I finally log in 45 more times I can see my activities but I cannot post anything. 

I am on a ton of forums and this is the only one that has these issues, crazy!! on mac Big Sur using latest Chrome and Safari






This is a long running issue for several years now.

The usual suggestion would be to clear the cache and cookies of your browser and check that cookies are allowed for a sub set of sites, like pioneerdj, rekordbox, zendesk, gigya. 

Sadly that doesn't work for some. 

The steps I follow when arriving on the forum are to login (or log out if it shows me logged in). Wait for the page to refresh. Log in and I'm good to go. 

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The bulk of these issues are because you're not allowing 3rd party cookies / cross-site data. Check your browser's security & privacy settings.

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