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Database sharing - Your thoughts on my method.

I have a main PC and a laptop - both on a home network, both on high speed storage etc.

I was looking for a way to mainly work on my music on my pc - but when it's time to leave the house, push to my mac laptop.

The USB solution is neat - but i'm not particularly warm to the idea of putting my actual main database and music on an external device and hot swapping that around. Planning for failure becomes more tedious than keeping that on my system in my home or the hdd on the laptop. It create more points of failure in the laptop setup too (albeit small).

So on my mac I created a simple shell script using rsync to mirror my music updates from PC to Mac over the network, and copy the db over too. It's super fast - and only copies any changes. I open up rekordbox on my mac and as expected - the files are mispathed but everything is perfect otherwise.. One click of auto relocate on my collection and in about 3 secs -  it's all hooked up and ready to go.

I'm considering of also writing the reversal to push from my mac back to pc.

Honestly - this feels like best practice. As a bonus I always have a mirror of my db state and music collection.

I know this might not be for everyone - but am I missing something why this is not really a stated method given we can easily repath missing files?

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The big issues are, of course, the fact you're on two different OS's and the paths are going to be a pain, but if you're technically inclined to figure out the fiddly bits, there's no reason why you couldn't do it ... we just can't officially recommend it.

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I have the same workflow and would love to see exactly what you did...


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Thanks for the official reply!

As an idea / suggestion. I think it would be great to offer path substitution so one can relatively path to there music across machines where drive letters and os's cause issues. I see this used very successfully in graphic applications and makes for a much greater flexibility in moving stuff around and that's something I'd imagine DJ's are doing a lot of!

OS Path Example:

Knappy -
so basically on my mac laptop I have the following batchscript that I just run. I have my PC HDD mounted under /Volumes/Data

First syncs my music, then the database. Once this has completed (which is very quick as it only copied what has changed), I just boot up rekordbox and search for missing files - and it patches it perfectly in a few seconds and my library and db is synced.

rsync -v --ignore-existing --delete -r /Volumes/Data/music/library /Users/Ollie/Music/
rsync -v --ignore-existing --delete -r /Volumes/System/Users/revil/AppData/Roaming/Pioneer/rekordbox /Users/Ollie/Library/Pioneer
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