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Forums are unusable

Can somebody PLEASE fix these terrible forums. I've been stuck for 3 months trying to post but every time I log in it just throws me to the product page instead of where I want to go and then expects me to log in again.

Two days ago I actually managed to log in and make a post. FINALLY!

But today I can't update my post or comment on it because the forum says I need to sign in (I am! The web sites own navigation bar shows me as logged in) and if I foolishly select that link I'm back to the product page, asked to log in again and a never-ending Groundhog Day scenario of not being able to post or make a comment.  It's beyond unusable! I've tried a "fresh start" with newly installed alternative browsers (Firefox, The Edge after Chrome wouldn't work) but the problem persists.

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This is an unfortunate side effect of browser security -- you need to ensure that you have allowed cross-site data for the following domains:


If you clear all cookies and cached data for those sites, then verify that you've either allowed all cross-site data, or explicitly allowed it for those sites, you'll have no problems in future.

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