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CDJ3000 Missing Serial Number Sticker on Unit and Box

Hi Team,

I received a new CDJ3000 from a UK retailer with no serial number with manufacture date on the unit and no serial number sticker on the box or invoice.  The base of the unit is sticky from where the serial number was removed.

I already have a CDJ3000 - so I know how the stickers should look and be placed.

This means I do not know the age or provenance of the unit and I am left wondering how and why somebody in the supply chain removed the stickers.  I am left with warranty, proof of ownership and resale value concerns (no doubt I will need to Ebay this unit in 3 to 5 years for the upgrade). I do know the serial number as it will be in firmware (although that might be hackable by others and would not be proof of ownership).

I could return the unit, but obviously it is a fantastic piece of kit!  The retailer is not at fault - they raised the issue with AlphaTheta EMEA Limited (Pioneer DJ).

Pioneer DJ Regional Sales Manager - UK & Ireland / Eastern Europe & Russia is stating that warranty is provided and shows no interest in the other issues.  I will press for a replacement and for Pioneer DJ to consider why they consider it is OK to despatch a unit (units?) to UK retailers without serial numbers.

I look forward to a response from the Regional Sales Manager and any other interested parties, hopefully a replacement unit will be assured.  This unit without a serial number would make a fine demo unit, but is not suitable for despatch to a customer.

I have informed Trading Standards UK




A huge fan / promotor / supporter of Pioneer DJ Products. 





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It's entirely possible it slipped through by mistake. As you note, the serial is in the firmware and while I'm not going to say it's "unhackable," I see little motivation for anyone to change it.

As you've already raised this with your retailer and they've brought it up with AlphaTheta Europe, I'll be closing this post and directing you to contact them for any further discussion as we're unable to do anything else here on the forums. Thanks for your understanding.

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