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Rekordbox and logitech m590 bug?

Hi there!

In recent updates of rekordbox dj, I've noticed that when I want to change rekordbox view or when I want to click on an option which have dropdown option, when using my mouse I have to try 4-5 times to be able to select that option.

When using mouse pad of my mac is working fine.

I have rekordbox dj latest update (same problem was present on older version of rekordbox dj 6) and latest mac os big sur.

What might be the problem???


For at least 6 months i've struggled to login in my pionner accout. Strangely today worked. When I tried to login, pioneer web page entered in an continuous loop and freezed at that loop.

What might be the problem???

At this type of selector I'm struggling to select the drop down option only when using mouse 

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First, regarding the login issue:

Chances are your browser is set to block 3rd party cookies / cross-site data. As we use an SSO (single sign-on) across our sites, this security requirement is required for you to disable or allow explicitly for our sites to work properly.

Clear the cookies and enable cross-domain / 3rd party cookies for the following domains:


The mouse / click issue, is it a problem with any other applications?

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Thanx for quick reply.

For login problem's seems that now is solved.

As for the mouse bug it only happened in rekordbox dj 6. On rekordbox 5 I didn't noticed this issue.

My mouse is conected to macbook via bluetooth.

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