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All playlists and tracks gone after updating Rekordbox!

Hi - after updating to Rekordbox 6, I was prompted to convert my library. However, once the conversion happened/the app opened, my entire library is missing. Meaning all my playlists, all my cue points, everything is gone.

I checked the files on my computer and all the playlist files seem to be overwritten. I tried to do a Windows recovery to an earlier date, but the same problem remains.

Is there some way to recovery it? Would hate for the grueling hours and hours of work over the years to vanish. 

Stas Madorski




Hi Stas,

Sorry to hear that - the database shouldn't have gone missing unless there was something that damaged the file itself. Were you able to open rekordbox 5 to view the library that was there prior to import to 6?

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