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No waveforms when backed up and then restored 6.5.3

Hi there,

I prepare all my music on my PC and then back up library (using File->Library->Backup Library), after which I sync my music folder and my rekordbox library folders between the PC and the laptop.

10 minutes before i had to leave for the gig, i've done my backup copy restore routine, and to my surprise none of the waveforms were present. I've managed to analyse enough tracks to get me started on the way to the gig, so that was out the way. 

I just went to try and copy it over again to see if its been fixed in 6.5.3, but the problem still persists.

How do I fix this? Both machines are running windows 10, and RB 6.5.3

Last time I've done it successfully would've been when RB was still in V5.

Is there another(better?) way of doing this? I'm not using external hard drive of any sort, folder synchronisation occurs over LAN

Below is a screenshot of what I'm greeted with when i restore library on the laptop.

Thank you for any help. 


Artie Plotnikov 回答済み



It should certainly have restored the waveforms.. unusual that it hasn't. I'll ask you to please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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