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CDJ-3000 Missing shortcut from info tab

What happend to shortcuts from the info tab?

On both Nexus and Nexus 2 you are able to click for example on the Artist field to display to all the tracks from that Artist. Same with any other field in that tab. If pressing album name, all tracks included in that album will be shown.

Noticed yesterday that when displaying the track info on the CDJ 3000, it only shows the info and it's not possible to click and get that "short-cut" feature that previous players (NXS 1 & 2) had.

This is a really convenient feature, especially if you have loaded a track and want to make a last second change and play another track from the same artist. Or if you have loaded a track from a certain genre and want to see all track that you have from that particular genre.

Is there a way to do this on the CDJ-3000?

DJ Lavoro