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Beatsource Offline Locker loses songs

Hello! I had/have big problem.

Still in trial, i took the opportunity to tested the beatsource link. So i did a wedding party relying on beatsource. There were no net at the wedding. But thinks could not get any worse.

- When i turned on the computer (rekordbox) and my pionner AIO system xdj-rr, everything was ok, with my offline locker with 64 musics/tracks.

- At some point the energy went off and my equipment was turn off suddenly, when i turn it back on, offline locker had only 34 songs and almost all the core music was gone. (panic)

- I had the songs on a rekordbox playlist aside, and even though there where listed there (but not on offline locker) when i loaded it says connect to the internet. (wich didn 't have)

- I came home and turn on the computer with wifi disconected now there are only 27 tracks on offline locker.

- The next time i turn my pc on, in the offline locker the tracks where reduced to 17

. I can assure i did not deleted them, this is the system, and now that i see them in the personal/Rekordbox playlist i can not import them again to the offline locker i have to make a search one by one again.

Why does this happened ? This behavior can not happened in the gig, i have to find out why ?
It was just horrible as you can imagine in the dance floor and no songs...

Thanks , give me some feedback please

Até Terça


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I've not heard of this happening since early versions were causing duplicates of songs. I'll ask you to please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue. Thanks!

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