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Inconsistent paths for tracks in dropbox folder. Some are relative and some are absolute.

I have all my tracks in a dropbox folder so they are backed up and I can use on another machine. I notice that if I import new tracks, the tracks' locations are absolute, eg:

But, if I relocate a track that was previously elsewhere and then moved into dropbox folder, the location of the tracks is a relative path to Dropbox, eg:
Dropbox /music/track1.mp3

Why are they different? This has caused me issues with syncing tracks across machines with different base paths. It would be good if they were treated the same. It also seems like if I moved the Dropbox location, the relative ones would be found and the others would need to be relocated.

Is this intentional behaviour or a bug?

Thanks, Tom

Tom Burnell




Was one of them already in Dropbox when it was added to the collection vs. moved there within rekordbox?

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- Some were imported while already in Dropbox (new music I just bought) -  These do not get the Dropbox prefix.
- The others were in a different folder and moved into Dropbox and relocated (old music I relocated) -  these do get the Dropbox prefix.

The end result is that Rekordbox has different paths for them (which is confusing and problematic when running same rekordbox on different computer with paths).

It would be good if they all had relative Dropbox:  path.

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