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Loop behavior and auto start behavior on CDJs

Hi guys,

I'm a Denon user (SC6000M (yes, I know)). However, I'm going to have to use CDJ 2000 NXS2 at one of my residencies from next week. I have set up a copy of my Denon library in Rekordbox and have borrowed my friend's XDJ1000MK2 to start to check some basics. 

I am using USB exports from Rekordbox.

I am having the following issues/ behaviour problems compared to what I expect coming from my other players.

- My songs always auto-start when I load them. I'm sure I've got this turned off on preferences then sync to my USB. But I might be missing something?

- If I start a loop it will automatically start the song from the point I press the loop. I don't want it to do this.

- If I extend a loop or half a loop, it will also go back to the start of the loop, rather than for extending and just continuing the loop longer. With shortening it always goes back to the start as well, throwing out my beat matching.

- Is there a way to view all songs that are below the level of the folder I'm in, without going down to the actual playlist itself?


I'm sure most of these are software/ settings on Rekordbox to export or on the CDJ/ XDJ, however, it's making it a lot harder to jump between them both! Any ideas?

Kyle Strudwick




I have identified the issue.

A. CUE needs to be on.

Quantize needs to be on.

This allows the song to not auto play and quantize allows me to extend or half loops without it jumping to the start.

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